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Sharing my google calendar for Creative Living & Being Events. This is a PUBLIC Google Calendar is for the Creative Living & Being monthly online sessions or other creative related events (eg. Book Club dates, Local Meet-up Events, other local related events)


Join me on GOOGLE MEET as I use this hour to practice various art on the 1st Monday morning of the month between 10am-11am EST.  Some session will be less than an hour after 30 minutes of practicing and limited additional joining creators.

Next session is June 6th,  10am-11am (EST)

  • These are free working online group sessions for adults.
  • You are more than welcome to work on any other creative project at your own pace.
  • We can chat while we work or take time to work together in moments of silence.
  • Sharing is optional (this is more about building discipline and relaxing).
  • I will update and share documents or references that may be helpful on the journey
  • Joining within the first 15 minutes is ideal for having time to practice. 

My area of focus will be: 

  • Mindful Collaging
  • Journal Creating / Writing Prompts
  • Watercolor Practice
  • Mandala or General Adult Coloring

About Nherie

I am a creative influencer, artist, mom and routine consistency creator! 

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