Google Meet-up will restart on March 2nd, 2023!
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1st Thursdays 1:15-2:15 pm- Google Meet
3rd Thursdays 6-8pm In-Person (TBA)

What is Creative Living & Being w/Nherie

Creative Living & Being aims to encourage creativity, community and moral support for budding and seasoned creatives. I do this by inviting others into my personal creative time to gather together in a Google Meet-up and explore different ways to stay creative through various art forms. 

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When do you meet?

Meet-ups take place once a month virtually on Google Meet. In 2023, the goal is to alternate with a Virtual and In-Person Meet-up. At this time, In-Person meet-ups will likely take place in counties and cities close to Hopewell, VA where I reside. View registration details.

How long are the meet-ups?

Virtual meet-ups average an hour. In-Person sessions could average around 2 hours.

What happens in the meet-up?

In 2022, the goal was to create an interest virtually, start an email list and focus on presence, talking about creativity and sharing some of our current art. 

In 2023, the goal is to begin incorporating an In-Person group meet-up, have a 4 or 5-book series book club with books connected to creativity, art, mindfulness subjects, and offer mini-workshops. Additional details on the schedule will be available soon.

Is there a cost associated with this meet-up?

While there isn't an ongoing monthly cost associated with this meet-up, there will be opportunities to participate in additional creative practices that may have a cost associated with it. All those details will be given in advance and are optional.

Do I have to attend all the sessions?

No! You choose when a session fits your schedule and only register for the day, time and type of session you have interest in. 

Do I have to be an artist to join?

No! This is open to those who also want to explore and learn in a peer-to-peer environment. Sessions are usually small group setting, which leaves room for broader sharing, discussion and creative time. 

Where do I register?

Registration for 2023 will take place on Eventbrite. You can add your email to receive a notification when registration is open. 

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can email to reach me directly with any questions. 

About Nherie

I am a content curator, creative champion, artist, mom and routine consistency creator! 


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