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In the Kitchen: Garden Green, Local Grown | Made Stuff (Semi-Recipe Share)

Over the past year, I have been creating ways to appease my palette after making a leap in my health journey with the way that I eat and fuel my body. Also ,  I was tired of wasting food that I really didn't want to cook nor felt like eating.  I was excited to consider a garden this year. Gardens, in my opinion are worth the effort and labor of love. However, I had to acknowledge that as much as I love the idea, I was not yet ready to commit to a garden.  So, instead I decided to support my local farmers market and receive from the gardens of my friends!   Besides, I have a whole pecan tree in the back yard that will drop pecans all over the back yard late Summer. I'll be harvesting pecans and that is enough! Sharing a couple of the new things I have tried and made that I love.  Fried Rice- in Coconut Oil Not a local grown dish, but still, it's a light version of a traditional fried rice. I cheat my way through the making of this dish. I use a quick instant rice adding a li

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