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10 Ideas to Bring Calm, Consistency & Routine into Your Life

Nothing is more evident now than the reality that what you do in your daily life will have a major effect on how your day flows and eventually where your life is heading. It's either you are on a journey of peace and sustainability or you are allowing yourself to be swayed and thrown around by all the changing things going on. One of the hardest realities I have had to face that I do have control over my routine and consistency which ultimately brings sustainability. The past few months, I have spent a lot of time addressing subjects related to consistency and routine, and there is a simple reason for it. I have witnessed what wonders it can do when I actively create and refine my ways of dong everyday life. Honestly, this is really what Living a Life of Creativity is all about! In sticking with this theme that wasn't really planned but born out of the need to hone in on my organizing skills following the disruption of the pandemic, I continue to identify ideas that have helped…

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