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Sharing Kids Over the Holidays is About You Too!

  I understand how sharing children with another parent, especially over the holidays can present unique challenges. I plan to dive a little deeper into these kinds of topics over the next year, as I share and parent two children with two fathers and family dynamics. There are many things I did and still do well, and some things that I am still learning to manage and create new ways to parent as the need arises. When it comes to planning the holiday time in particular, tensions rise during this time of year as pressures to wrap up end of the year and preparing for a new year and wanting to have a “normal” holiday time becomes top priority for many of us. In all the hustle, we can easily forget that these times are not just about the kids and how well you parent and plan for them to make transitions seamless (which is a hit or miss depending on the year and moods of everyone involved), but its also about you too!  I understood early on that I deserved to enjoy the holiday as much as I

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