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How to Know When it's Time to Change Your Routine (Burnout Recovery)

designbyaria_ Recently, I created a mini post on my Life and Creative Resources (Tumblr account) to address the early stages of burnout, albeit a work related or emotional burnout. I’ll admit, for me, it has been both. You can read 3 Things to Remember When Dealing with Burnout and can also search #burnout and #dailypost to read some of my journal thoughts during this time.  While many might be handling topics of New Year resolutions and vision boards (and I do have some ideas here to share at another time), I’d like to share how I have initiated a routine change to ease the tension during my burnout season and create space for a new approach to my routine in this upcoming new year, instead. Backstory I was heavily relying on my 2020 routine in 2021. When I thought more about this, it was because it felt safe (and safety is good). At some point though, I had grown weary of “safe” when it was no longer really necessary.  I had developed an unease about being out in public and that tra

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