6 Key Lessons In 6 Years of Creativity

Lessons in Letting Go, Margin & Boundaries

When I started Living A Life Of Creativity as a blog in 2017, it was because I recognized the need to establish margins and safety boundaries in my life, particularly in relation to my creativity. I became a student of my own journey. My goal wasn't to achieve high rankings on the internet or social searches; rather, it was and continues to be about creating space for my unique creative experience. Writing and giving my voice room to express have been significant aspects of this growth over the past 5 years, and they are certainly worthy of celebration.

You can now follow the new blog journey A Creative Life By Nherie.

With that, I highlight a handful of lessons that were gained in my 6 year journey.  I hope one will bring to your own journey some light and direction. 

#1 Saying no to work not connected to my skills and strengths or my own goals, saves energy and time.

In the past, I spent too much time trying to make others appreciate my talent by devoting excessive free time and energy to their projects, initiatives, and goals. I failed to realize that for true collaboration, my dreams, goals, and passions had to be integral to the equation and outcome. This left me drained and unfulfilled during certain parts of my journey.

Over time, I've learned to say 'yes' only when the outcome aligns with my goals as well. If it sounds good for one side only and leaves me questioning my place, I no longer accept those projects. If I find myself in a situation where I sense and see that I'm no longer a priority in the equation, I quickly shift gears. Sometimes this involves ending an existing arrangement, or it might mean initiating a new conversation about my needs and ensuring that changes are implemented.

#2 Making more room for skill sets that support and will support a lifestyle of creativity is my priority.

A creative life and lifestyle can, at times, feel 'outside the box.' It won't always align with current societal 'norms,' and it will often face scrutiny from those who can't fathom prioritizing creativity in their lives. This challenge intensifies when I consider my choice of work and work habits, which not only sustain my living but also nurture my creativity.

I understand and have dealt with seasons where taking on an additional role temporarily to make ends meet had both positive and negative impacts. Nevertheless, opting to remain connected to creativity may entail foregoing extra gigs for a season, as I recognize that the creative outcomes will yield more substantial long-term benefits for me.

#3 Less accessibility to the world and its chaos, while creating amongst its chaos is a part of healing.

All the hacks, hustle, and hype of life, without self-discipline, leaves you vulnerable to being emotionally whirled all over. After my separation and divorce in 2019, it was urgent that I recommit to healing parts of myself that felt broken and without purpose. Leaning into my creativity meant that I would eventually have to create boundaries on my time and availability.

As much as I wanted to dive into markets where I felt I could excel, I believed it was best to establish routines in my life that would aid my healing process first. Much of that healing took place through creativity, whether by journaling, creating art, or employing my gifts behind the scenes in my remote work. Part of this work also involved relearning how to engage socially online and when to pull back. 

#4 Working from a place of rest and healing than from a place of trauma and anxiety.

Sometimes, letting go truly means completely disconnecting from 'norms' that no longer work for you. The year 2022 taught me a valuable lesson through burnout—about perseverance and developing greater trust in myself. After months of navigating life following a critical income loss for my household, I had to rely on my intuition to guide all my decisions. This included how I worked, who I worked with, and giving my soul, spirit, and emotions space to adapt to changes in my life, finances, and the world. Tuning into my emotions became a more frequent practice, urging me toward both rest and inner healing simultaneously. 

#5 Learning to be joyful about creativity, art and exploration through art.

Processes and journey work can feel long and unrewarding at first. The experience depends on your personal creative goals. It takes patience, self-love, and consistent art practice to move through the unknown. There were times when I didn't enjoy the inner work that this process invoked. I wasn't always prepared to confront insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. However, continuous practice does demonstrate that you're capable of producing great things. It can also reveal areas where you may not excel, and that's perfectly fine too. I've now learned to embrace both the successes and the cringe-worthy moments of creativity.

#6 Simplifying work-life and home-life to prioritize myself and creativity.

This is probably one of the most important areas that I know has had a tremendous positive effect on my well-being. The dishes didn't always have to be washed, rooms cleaned, or laundry done. Many days, I chose to walk past these tasks and head straight to the creative table to focus on my work first. Even when deadlines and work demand required my attention, giving time to myself first helped set the tone for the rest of the day or week.

Final Thoughts

To anyone who has read posts, offered thoughts or share anything creatively that I have made public, I offer my appreciation and thanks. My hopes are that over the next 5 years, with continued healing work and growth, I'll continue to share the light and love in a world that truly needs it.

You can follow the new journey on the new blog A Creative Life by Nherie.


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