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Living a Life of Creativity aims to influence creativity in individuals as an assisted path to self-discovery, uncovering who you are creatively in a practical way. 

Encouraging the use of daily habit and routine building and regular art practices highlighted in this blog, Living a Life of Creativity is  a way to champion individuals to lead their life through a creative lens, and creative inclinations, first. 

On this blog, and through additional resources to help support, mentor and guide, I use this space to share written content connected to creativity, life, journal and reflective writing. 

Akin to self care, practicing your creativity whether through art, writing or any other artistic medium, in connection with living the life you have been given, is at the core of this blog.  


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Note: At this time, there are no 3rd party affiliated links on this blog. I fully run this blog independent of 3rd party monetary resources. 


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