A Vision Board Update (2022)


Since publishing in 2020, How To Maximize Your Vision Board, here’s how it all worked out since 2020 and how I am positioning myself for 2023!

1. Focusing on my physical health was priority #1.

After a series of rounds of antibiotics to fight off persistent infections, I have been able to get my physical health to a realistic starting point for regular physical activity and fitness. 

Resting my body and maintaining a healthy weight was a valuable part of my health recovery. 

Here's what I focused on:

  • Learning to read and understand my bloodwork reports.
  • Taking in regular vitamins daily
  • Deep breathing and light yoga movement or stretches weekly.

Focus for 2023:

  • Book and begin ongoing yoga classes.
  • Reconnect with regular personal counseling.
  • Menu planning and recipe cooking from home.

2. Writing daily, weekly, and monthly to strengthen my writing voice.

In making some adjustments, it was much more natural to maintain the monthly flow of blog post writing. In doing so, I found a flow that combines both reflective journaling and blog content curation and writing. 

Combining these efforts inspired me to develop my digital design skills, develop a formatting system that’s more simplistic and structured and increase my writing composition. 

Here's what I focused on:

    • Entered a writing contest in 2021. My writing did not make it through to final round, but I was still counted as a submission, and I was sent a copy of the published work of winners. #win
    • Reengaged with activating my subscribers list by offering more updates multiple times a year.
    • Started a small online meet-up called Creative Living and Being w/Nherie

    Focus for 2023:

      • Continue current pace of content curation and blog writing.
      • Offer digital writing products as guided tools.
      • Explore additional content to support a new business.
      • Offer classes and tutorial style workshop schedule within the meet-up.

      3. Getting out of my comfort zone to travel domestically.

      With plans stunted in 2020. Starting a new friendship and relationship in early 2021 put me on the road to travel in parts of Pennsylvania. Then, family ties in Florida put me in the air again for a much-needed mini vacation. Both places feel like a home away from home. 

      Here's what I focused on:

      • Relearning how to understand air and train schedules for booking. 
      • Finding ways to make traveling light easy and fun.
      • Making new friends in another state. 

      Focus for 2023:

          • Get an updated passport.
          • Reengage with my style and travel blog.
          • Start looking at potential rental properties in PA.
          • Make more local touring trips. 

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          Do you need encouragement?

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          My vision board from 2020 has remained intact, for the simple reason being that I had to roll-over my plans to the following year.

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          What's next?

          I'm ready to overhaul my vision board so that it aligns more with my life now, going into 2023!  So, I added a few other resources below to assist myself and you in positioning yourself to do the same.

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