How To Maximize Your Vision Board & Planning Using Actionable Options

Post updated 11/28/21

I wanted to share something a little different from some of the usual information out there about accomplishing your goals through vision boards. This was something that immediately stirred me to action while planning my personal vision board.

When I started creating this vision board, there were 3 themes I chose to focus on: WRITING, HEALTH, TRAVEL

If you follow any of my posts, you'd know that almost a few years ago I went through a separation and divorce, so the past few years were all about getting back on my feet, getting my home in order, feeling confident about myself again and navigating some new work/freelancing projects

I felt like I had been catapulted from a cannon or like an arrow full speed ahead into 2020. By the time 2020 came, I wanted a more theme targeted year and I wanted to do it in a way that was manageable, consistent and gave me enough room to succeed more than fail because the facts are, that as much as 80% of those who start the new year with any kind of resolution (whatever you want to call it or name it), fail at it! **Seriously, look it up on google and it's right there from many different sources.**

So, back to the themes I chose, I decided that I needed to build as much margin in this planning as possible and provide myself multiple ways to win, even on the days where I know overwhelm and bad days would show up and threaten to kill and destroy the vision before it gets going! 

Starting where you are RIGHT now is best! 

For example, although on a big scale the plan for my WRITING theme is to eventually land more writing gigs and increase my visibility as a blogger/writer to prepare for a potential full-time writing career, I recognized that I first needed to build up my "writing muscle". If I wasn't writing often, then how can I say this is what I want to do? This became what I would call a "sub theme" of my Writing Theme. This is where I will startThis makes going into your day, week and month already having a plan of actionable options so that I am not guessing and wasting time on what to do! 

Another reason why actionable options are important is because if you are a creative minded person, the tendency to get bored or the days I am not feeling as enthusiastic, I no longer have a reason to let my feelings run my day. As long as I touch on these options, I am still in line with my theme. It's a snowball effect that so far, is working.

Here is a snippet of how I am put this into action.

Daily- Write Morning Pages, do a journal entry or writing prompt, work on completing a chapter in my book, or spend time writing out any ideas living in my head.

Weekly- Submit a writing sample or participate in a writing contest, reach out or correspond to email subscriptions or with emails from other writers/bloggers that I follow- who are already doing the work and prompting their audience into some kind of action

Monthly- Create new blog posts and participate in a creative writing class or group.

Notice that there are several options on how to do this and that it is broken down into daily, weekly and monthly. For me, this is a manageable action list! 

Here is a snippet of my kick start on this theme to help me set up to stay consistent!
  • Gather my favorite journal books and pens and have it where I can easily and quickly have access to it.
  • Make a list of writing prompts to start with- create a Pinterest board of writing prompts.
  • Make a list of online sites, magazines and other places that I would love to write for or write to and add to my weekly writing options. 


Here are some of the other things I was able to accomplish in just a week of getting my vision board completed and running these same steps for my other themes.
  • Created a Pinterest board for all my writing resources and writing prompt ideas- Writing Theme
  • Found writing contests to participate in for 2020- Writing Theme
  • Sign up for a Summer 5k Run- Health Theme
  • Confirmed Gym Membership- Health Theme
  • Selected a Cardio and Aquatics schedule and added to my calendar- Health Theme
  • Found a counsellor in my area, called and set up first appointment- Health Theme
  • Found a Ballet class for adults and inquired about classes- Health Theme
  • Ventured downtown in my small city to check out a cafe I had never been to- Travel Theme
Actionable options give you creative room to make adjustments!

What are some of the Actionable Options you want to implement in your next season or new year? 

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