10 Ideas to Bring Calm, Consistency & Routine into Your Life

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Nothing is more evident now than the reality that what you do in your daily life will have a major effect on how your day flows and eventually where your life is heading. It's either you are on a journey of peace and sustainability, or you are allowing yourself to be swayed and thrown around by all the changing things going on. One of the hardest realities I have had to face that I do have control over my routine and consistency which ultimately brings sustainability. The past few months, I have spent a lot of time addressing subjects related to consistency and routine, and there is a simple reason for it. I have witnessed what wonders it can do when I actively create and refine my ways of doing everyday life. Honestly, this is really what Living a Life of Creativity is all about!

In sticking with this theme that wasn't really planned but born out of the need to foocus on my organizing skills following the disruption of the pandemic, I continue to identify ideas that have helped me stay grounded, open-minded, calm and still keep me productively moving forward and these are the ideas I want to share with you today. They are not anything you haven't heard before, but sometimes the simple reminders are what we need finally convince us that we should go ahead and give it a try for ourselves.

10 Ideas to Bring Calm, Consistency & Routine into Your Life

1. Make your bed every morning.

It doesn't have to be perfect! I began doing this 4 years ago on a consistent basis. I noticed that if nothing else, it helped kickstart my day especially on days where I felt weighed down by overthinking. Looking at one clear space in my home first thing was like clearing my mind as well. Plus, it was one less house chore to do. Making your bed is also linked to better productivity. So whatever you decide the perk is for you making your bed, doing it consistently also helps you establish a routine, which in turn helps us feel in control of our day, even when things happen around us that are out of control.

2. Get yourself dressed.

I may not always put on my finest gear. Sometimes I decide what to wear by the mood I wake up to. If I need to feel cozy, I put on something cozy. If I am feeling peppy, I'll put on a dress or a skirt. If I’m really feeling fancy, I’ll take a picture and post it. I feel like this is one of the first battles of the day, especially when you don’t feel like doing anything at all. For the days you feel really inspired, add some light makeup to your morning routine. Give yourself a chance to experiment and play a little.

3. Make sure you are eating well (make a smoothie).

I have recently started a metabolic living health plan and sometimes the easiest thing for me to do the first half of the day is make smoothies, have some healthy snacks in between and then later, follow-up with a solid balanced dinner. If I eat too many junky things in a day, my body will suffer for it at night and the next day. Take time to find a plan that you can stick to or make it simpler like taking a whole day only drinking water or lessening the amount of caffeine you consume in a day. It’s the consistency part that give us that win feeling and eventually turns into a habit.

4. Have a place where you can work with ease.

Make your workspace cozy and inviting. I wrote up on my other blog how to maintain your own workspace and it walks you through where to set up what to add in your space and even tips on how to maintain some order. If you work outside the home or find yourself having to take on extra work in these uncertain times, I put together a few tips on how to make the most of the side or extra job. The point is that we traditionally spend most of our day working somewhere, doing something. The best thing we can do is do what we can to make it a space where we can still feel like we are meeting our goals, keeping our own peace and making room for fun and creativity too.

5. Have a start time and end time to your workday.

Take your breaks! I still have to remind myself to take my breaks and you probably will too. If you are working from home already or stationed at home during this season, you will learn quickly that it’s easy to get lost in all your work projects because it is so accessible to you! We have apps on our phones that still remind us that we have work to do. We have to be diligent in setting boundaries on our work time and on our leisure or personal time. If your break needs to be a nap, do it! 

6. Don't keep things in your head.

I write everything down and set and send reminders to myself! This is not the time to rely on my memory! If you are schooling kids from home, working from home and trying to manage your home, like me, consider command centers and other kinds of spaces where information can be tacked, posted and then schedule reminders to come to your phone as alerts. Use a whiteboard if you have to but don’t keep all this stuff in your head. It’s mental clutter! 

7. Choose something art-like at least once a week to work on.

Add some kind of art to your week or something else you can enjoy, using your hands. Craft, collage, create a vision board, write, just something that isn’t tied to anything other than something you can enjoy doing. If you think you aren’t a craft person or don’t consider yourself an art type person, try something new. It’s usually in these times we clear our minds and also discover other talents and gifts.

8. Schedule time with a friend or family member.

Social distancing is a must right now, we all know this. In actuality we take risks even simply going to the grocery store, but whatever your comfort level is with an outdoor meetup or catching up virtually, or even making a trip to someone’s home, put something on the schedule for you and a few good friends. We can still make memories together. We just won’t be able to do it as often as we would like to right now.

9. Be open to new work projects and ideas.

For every job opportunity lost, there is a chance to discover something new that you can do. Sometimes you’ll have to go with what’s readily available because you have to keep yourself or a family afloat. I’ll add that this is also a time to be open to any ideas you may have had about starting your own side gig or business. You may even decide to take your current skills and make it an independent venture for a little while. I have personally had to adjust my time as a makeup artist to be open to new projects in my virtual assisting life. It doesn’t mean I have to give up everything I love or enjoy. I now have to find ways to transition that weight of what I do to something that will work best for right now.

10. Reflect at the beginning and end of your day.

Take some time at the beginning of your day and end of your day to reflect. I like to do morning pages which is at the very beginning of my day. As soon as I open my eyes, I do a journal entry writing for 3 pages at least. I do not censor this voice in my head but allow it to pour out on the page with every thought, worry, excitement or blabber that comes to mind.  At the end of the day, I take a moment to sit and be thankful, even if it’s a whispered prayer, or a relaxing moment before I go to sleep. In this post, I talk about making a list of all the things you are proud of that could be a genuine start to keeping thankfulness and gratitude at the heart of your day.

If you are needing a little more help with feeling overwhelmed, in this post I share some of my personal real-life struggles in these times, and how writing them down out getting them out of your head is key to adjusting your mindset and moving forward. 


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