Being Proud of Yourself! Because You Really Are Doing Enough!

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When was the last time you told yourself how proud you are of yourself? This was (unintentionally at first) my thought after a seemingly endless list of to-do's following my separation.  The task list kept piling up, but with it was my determination to get through it and get back to the best version of me as possible, for myself and my children. 

Along the way, I would tell myself "I am so proud of you", whether I met all my action steps or not, because the reality was that I really did have so much on my plate to do and think about doing, and I needed to remind myself that no matter how I felt, I was doing a great job. I have heard stories of other people who had similar situations and it took them longer to bounce back but I didn't allow those stories to undermine my struggle nor determine for me that I too, would struggle to that degree.

I wonder if the difference had something to do with this one little self-pep talk.

It's always great to hear it from someone else, but I have seen how much more a difference it makes when I say it to myself. No one knows your inner struggles more than you, so when you hear yourself affirm being proud of yourself, there is a much more deeper healing that comes with it. The more you say it, the more you believe it, and the more you believe it, the more you can trust yourself that it is actually true. 

There is nothing too small or too big to be proud of, so I decided to make a little list of some recent things I am proud of, and I encourage you to do this for yourself too. 

What are some things you are proud of? 



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