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Why am I talking about new year goals and goal setting in April?

I started doing something different about 3 years ago. Instead of starting my new year in January, I begin mine sometime in March! So, this is why I'm talking about this in April, as I am now one month into my new year.

If you think about it, with all the movement in life in general and business at the end of the year going into the new year, it seems like the world in general is saturated with so much anxious energy to closing sales, holiday preparations, pulling together tax documentation, new year's resolutions, the overall energy during this time is naturally unsettling at times.

If you are easily affected by outside energy, it's more of a challenge to focus on things you want to pursue in the new year. There are too many things pulling at your attention. I find that March offers me more quiet time to think creatively and personally about what I feel should be the next steps in my life for the year. 

I still use actionable options to aid in creating detailed goal setting for ideas in the new year.  Yet, 2021 going into 2022 was a slightly different journey into a long (but lesson rich) burnout season and I thought, how can I begin to think about how to set my new year goals in this new season?

If you are feeling like you are overwhelmed with traditional ideas of new year's resolutions, planning and feeling discouraged in your creative life, the first thing I’d like to offer is to consider changing when your year actually starts and then...

Here are the 3 things to simplify your thought process for creating new goals for the new year.

Complete something.

Is there something you are so close to completing (even if imperfect) that you have been putting off? It may seem small, but I can assure you that if it is still lingering in your consciousness, there is some value in completing it! You may not be able to foresee all the benefits of it being complete and maybe that's what has held you in a state of procrastination with it. For me, my manuscript for Living a Life of Creativity, the second chapters are back on my radar as the one thing I really feel needs to be completed this year! It's been a personal project that has so much potential to be a huge help to others. I have added some deadlines to some actions, and I am going for it. It's already 70% complete!

Learn something.

Is there something you'd like to learn? Consider some free or low-cost online classes and earn a completion certificate. Think of something you might be good at and start there. Or think of something you aren't good at and take an intro course to see if you have the resilience to continue learning it. Whatever you choose, it could open a new door or ideas you haven't considered. I have decided to go ahead and complete some courses in Bookkeeping. This way, as I continue to share personal experience on how I maintain and routinely budget check, I can also feel additionally confident that my approach to the subject is additionally backed up by some studying up! It doesn't have to always be an online class, if reading on a subject sounds more appealing, go ahead and read up and learn something!

Try Something.

You might be thinking, but I try things all the time already.! That's exactly what I said until I really asked myself if I tried anything that might be a little more challenging for me? Something new? That's when I looked at how I currently work and realized that much of my efforts have been within the same framework, within the same model of work. I decided to start a completely new business altogether. When I have finished setting up the new business steps, I'll be happy to share the details! Your new thing may not be a new business, it may be a new dance class, art class or group session. My point is, learning something is great, but actually doing something is where change is. We'll never see anything different if we don't try different things. 

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