Uncover And Manage Emotional Stress


Questions you can ask yourself to uncover and manage emotional stress.

1. Do I need to redefine, limit, or end a relationship connection?

Survey your current relationships and make decisions about whether you need to redefine the relationship with boundaries, limit the relationship connection by giving more space in time from interaction or end the connection altogether. Not having healthier connections in relationships can weigh very heavy on our emotions.
Action Tip: Write down all the interactions you have on a day-to-day basis, then ask, do I feel a sense of safety in this relationship?


2. Does my home environment encourage rest, inspiration, and creativity?

Take a look around your home and determine what you could add or do differently to create a calmer atmosphere. If you have a shared space living or dual functional spaces, create an upkeep system that keeps things in its place often so that you don’t become overwhelmed.

| Action Tip: For a quick pick-up solution, add a declutter bin to every room and begin clearing space until you feel a sense of ease. You can come back to tackle the clutter bin another time. Save this resource for tackling clutter for good. 

How Mental Health and Cleaning Are Connected (verywellmind.com) 


3. Am I overwhelmed with too much information?

Think about all the ways and tools you use to absorb information. Between the news, work, school, handling personal business and even interests. Information is all around in abundance. Over time, even good information can take a toll on you. It's time to consider your source and then decide if you need to know the information right now or not.

 Action Tip: Set social media boundaries.

4. What beliefs am I holding onto about money?

How we think about money at any given time will directly impact our emotional state. It can also affect the kind of work we choose or the kind of work we have to choose or think we have to choose. Whatever the circumstances are, having a core belief around having “enough” can either empower or hinder you. Developing a new positive mentality about money is usually the first step healing any areas where the idea of money creates emotional stress.

Action Tip: Start with creating a solution minded approach to money and work on budgeting.

5. Are there some areas of my life where I could solicit more help and support.

Doing it all has sent many in a downward spiral of burnout. The “helpers” are closer than you think with the expertise, the know-how, or the willingness to assist. It may mean reaching out by text, email, or a phone call. It’s when we hold our needs so tight on our own that adds to the anxiety. It’s usually in the process of taking the next step and asking for help that lets us know that we really are doing all we can do.

Action Tip: Make a list of all the things you do and put a check beside those things that you need help with, then take one thing and practice asking for help in that area.

5-Day Challenge?

If you’d like to experiment further. Take one of these questions and make it 5-day challenge for yourself to focus on, adjust, and check in with yourself on improvements at the end of your 5 days.

Leave a note or comment below on your journey or progress.

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