Note: eBook is being re-edited and will include additional chapters (part 2) and launched again in Summer 2023. Limited copies of print will also be available. 

This book (eBook) Living a Life of Creativity: The Beginning and the ones to follow, will be a byproduct of my journey of accepting myself as an artist of all kinds; writer, author, singer, makeup artist, mom and more!  The journey truly began in my early years as a kid and teenager where hindsight has shown me that even back then, I was desperately seeking to lead life through a creative outpouring of natural talent that was underdeveloped, unmentored and even scrutinized, which ushered in a lot of crushing disappointments.

The follow-up chapters are a mix of additional stories of the last 6 years. I have been on a mission to reclaim my own personal unique sense of creativity all while overcoming divorce, making the journey back to single mom life and stepping into freelancing. Outlining some ideas and a few journal prompts, the purpose of the book is to invite you to consider finding or expanding your own creativity

“Your journey to fulfilling your purpose in life is a lifelong one. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll learn to appreciate all that is happening now rather than push and tug and strain to manifest your destiny in an instant.“ Nherie

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