UNSTUCK w/Nherie


Thanks to the partnership of @lambartsandhealing and our public library @appomattoxlibrary we have kicked off the FREE series of GETTING UNSTUCK for adults; creative contemplative ideas to move you forward in your own unique creativity. 

Why? Because I'm learning through experience that YOUR personal creativity matters! Dare I say, it's they golden key to the life you want to live NOW and the person you really are! What's even more important is that you don't have to disengage from your life in order to have it. You can use what you have and where you are right now to guide you, and we're here to help. I'll add additional information in the bio link.

You might be thinking, but Nherie I'm not creative🤔 is this for me? YEP! It's  for you too! 

We will be using different kinds of art to work on to help get our creative minds churning while we work through our thought process in an open sharing,  non-judgmental environment. 

For official inquires about GETTING UNSTUCK w/Nherie, the virtual and in person sessions, you can email the library at cfield@arls.org or reach out to @lambartsandhealing to get on their email list!

You may also "Send a Friendly Hello" to Nherie by scrolling to the messaging block below!


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