I Can Do This!

Photo Credit: Mantra Band
I get up every morning and make my bed immediately.  This way, I am more likely not tempted to get back in it.  My life is full of reasons to be thankful and equally full of unfavorable circumstances, some of which I have no control over but have to push through or let go so that I can catch the glimpse of grace and beauty of my life. 

That's what makes Living a Life of Creativity a real focal point for me.  It forces me to target even the little spec of joy and creativity out of life and put it on display.  Its like a little reminder that all these little specs can add up into a beautiful story still, despite the tough real life moments that can drag you down, if you let it. 

So, when I make my bed in the morning, it's a reminder that today is another day to try life over again.  




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