Be Your Own Leader First

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Quote: Eleanor Roosevelt

You will find as you go through your journey of purpose and discovery that there will be many that have their own idea and perceptions of what your path should look like or want to superimpose some part of themselves into the plan. 

But until you have come to a place where you feel completely settled on your direction, be prepared to travel alone for a while. Perhaps even be or seem insignificant. It's OK. In due time, as long as you know you are moving forward, the right connections and timing will present itself. It won't be forced. It will be more like an unfolding. 

Too many people are impatient, wanting to move past where their soul hasn't caught up. This is where we get ourselves into situations we aren't ready for and emotionally unprepared for. 

Not all opportunities are opportunities for you or for you right now. We have to learn to know the difference and be OK with stepping back from one thing and moving forward in another. Only you know what that thing is,  be it a relationship, or business idea or venture, etc.

This doesn't make you afraid of taking risks, it assists you in choosing your risks more wisely. We all have very unique intricate lives and situations to navigate through. One way of doing something will NOT work for all.  Until someone has a full scope of the complexities of your life, are they then able to help you put a plan in place that gets you to your next level.  The only person that can lead this role is YOU! 

Living a Life of Creativity is about being persistent in finding ways that work for you, but by no means jump or go anywhere because someone else thinks it's right for you. 




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