Some Final 2017 Thoughts

Photo Credit: Nherie

It's a fact that I cumulatively produced this year. ( I did all the math and calculations too) Whether monetarily, creatively, intellectually. 

The best results came with patience. The worst results came from worry. 

I was by no means stagnant. Even in the darkest hour of my families homelessness, I showed up, helped, volunteered, gave when I had nothing, just to honor commitments to the best of my ability even when my cup and pockets were empty.  Sometimes you don't have a choice. 

Sometimes the choices in front of you, you've already traveled and you decide not to kick up dust and choke yourself again. 

The opportunities that did come were on time and not just handed to me. I worked to find it or if referred, I still had to work to make something out of it. There were a select few who helped pull me up in this time, who only wanted to see me get better and helped in ways that allowed me to actually get better without strings attached, because they had either been there and remembered what it was like and the feeling of judgment, shame that goes along with falling short or they just knew me, and knew that I was worth the investment. Those folks will always have my kinship, friendship and loyalty. 

I'm not going into 2018 with a long list of to-dos and pursuits. I will reexamine opportunities and cont. to maximize what I already have. 

What no one sees is the time spent building foundations or repairing them. It takes time to build yourself up, and it takes time to build a family and business up. Those that see you in the building phase and write you off as not worth the time or energy, let them all pass. Save yourself from the distraction. Get better, be better, do better, it'll get better.


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