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Spring Note: Your Moments Matter

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Spring this year so far has been peaceful in my home, yet still a time for grieving and...growing for so many of us.  

Personally, I am still practicing social distancing for a while longer so, much of my time as been spent at home, allowing my fellows to brave the world again and getting vaccinated and making plans to get back into a normal they have been craving for over a year and I'll likely follow suit in a little while.

Whatever side you sit, on what normal is for are right. I think to judge each other's personal choices would be a waste of time and energy. We need love, understanding and support. 

If you are reading this now, it's a good indication that you made it through a tough season, or maybe still getting through some things. My only purpose for this journal post is to encourage you to look over the last year or even few weeks and call to mind anything that may have put a smile on your face or given you some kind of hope.

These are few of the things that have brought me a smile, added to my joy, contributed to my gratitude list or simply helped me relax, particularly this Spring

  • I kicked off the end of Winter with my first real outing out of town since last year was getting out to my nieces 13th birthday paint party.
  • Made it out with a friend for a quarantined lunch date
  • Finally, made the commitment to gummy vitamins which put a abrupt stop to severe fall/winter fatigue! Taking care of myself is becoming first nature for the first time in a long time. 
  • Contributing to several conversations around racial injustice and how I can align myself even more to the end of racism, although a seemingly never ending, exhausting journey, is worth it. #blacklivesmatter
  • Faith building is hands down is one of the ways I get up and choose life again, and show up over and over. 
  • Spending time with my children is very important to me. The little things like walks or sitting outside, or taking selfies together creates memories for them too. 
  • Originally I had wanted a garden this year, yet I decided that my pecan tree in the back yard that will bloom over the late Summer and Fall and my indoor plant babies is all I need this year. 
  • Taking time to invest in creating art, getting crafty, and even getting organized!
  • Gathering resources together about life, work and creativity that I can refer to and remind myself to stay connected with creativity. 

I strongly believe that creativity is where life meets hope over and over again. Whatever you decide to do this Spring, make sure you take a moment to credit yourself for showing up and being present in the simple things. These are the things that make up your life...and it matters. 



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