When You're Feeling Indecisive

Making decisions are non-negotiable for living life in general. Many of the decision we make are habitual, and we are not always in-tune with every part of the mental process of making the decisions, but nonetheless even habitual decisions like getting up and starting your routine for the day, are decisions. 

What about indecisiveness? It typically will show up as procrastination or  a result of anxiety or other trauma.  There is no question that any kind of mental struggle makes decision making overwhelming. 

I have come to understand that although there are times when making a decision can be quite challenging, the best way out of the cycle is to make a decision and see it through. The longer I stay undecided, the more anxiety and overwhelm I feel.

Today, I regularly take this advice when faced with indecision.

I don't worry about the decision being #wrong.

Ultimately, the majority of us are not out here trying to wreak havoc on our own lives or anyone else's lives by deliberately making decisions that will blatantly harm anyone. I bet you that the struggle really lies in trying to make a decision that is good for yourself and those you love. I give myself a break and no longer worry if my decision will cause some catastrophic domino effect. If you are concerned about what "other people" will think, I can tell you that this is where much of the indecision will rest on. Release that pressure to please others! Your decisions must be best for you and for you first!

Unless it is an emergency, there is no need to rush trying to figure it all out today.

You can decide  the direction you want your decision to go in, without having all the details mapped out. For example, when I was making the decision to remain in one city after my separation and divorce or go back to the city where I lived, that in between indecision was paralyzing. When I decided that coming back to the city where I now live was the final decision, I was able to map out the plan much easier. 

Build actions around the final decision.

Do something every day that recommits you to your decision. This is the time to take some action or small steps. Do you need to make a phone call to get more information about something or send an email? If you are committing to healthier eating habits, are you making that trip to the grocery store to get what you need for the week? If you are making a move to a new city, are you taking time to rid your current home of things you won't need anymore? I strongly recommend vision boards and manifestation boxes as I feel these actions are very unique and powerful tools to aid in taking action on decisions, the things you really want to see happen.  Test your decision by allowing yourself to feel what it's like to be "all in" on it. 

Bonus Advice: For decisions that are collaborative and or team focused that rely on more than your own input, strive to encourage everyone involved to give the ideas and decision a 24-48 hour resting phase before taking action. You'll be surprised at how after only a couple days of allowing things to rest, new ideas come or a different decision altogether. I have done this often with my own personal work-related projects and for decisions needing to be made at home. That pause, reflection, meditation and even prayer time are great additions to the process. Left out, I have felt disconnected from action steps because things just didn't feel right!

Sometimes we can feel unsettled in our day to day with no known reason or urgency.  Firming up a decision on something, even if you decide to change your mind about it later can make a huge difference. 

For additional ideas to help with indecision read this post from Healthline


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