A Note for Single Moms


Sharing a thought piece, I wrote on the @lalocreativity micro-blog within the past year that I am very passionate about. I think single mom life is a hard journey. The brave women that move forward in it have signed on for the long haul of a very unique yet challenging life raising children alone. The juggling of work, family, self-care and the generalization of this group of women in today's society has somehow become too familiar. When there is too much familiarity with those generalizations, it's easy to forget the humanity of these souls and what their needs truly are. They often go without emotional needs being met, having to forfeit or delay career dreams just to choose work to make ends meet, and often criticized for not being able to live up to society standards for raising kids "well enough". 

I don't bring this up to put a cloud over our experiences as mothers going at it alone. I know that many of us have subscribed to the hopefulness that we can do better, be better and live better. We've read all the articles, listened to the podcasts and scrolled social media for support. There were seasons where we actually received some good advice and were able to use that to motivate us to push forward. It's just that the reality often comes right back to this. "We should never have to do this alone, like this". 

We celebrate the wins, we mourn our losses, and the back and forth between giving up and trying again is always with us. I want you to know that I see you. I see us and I will continue to share and speak for us wherever I can. 



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