Self-Discovery Journal Prompts July 6th


Here are this week's journal prompts and my personal journal answers. My hope is that through these exercises, we can get to know ourselves a little bit better.

Every week, I spend time looking for new resources and guided tips for practicing creativity and place those resources on the @lalocreativity micro-blog. I'll be using a resource from a fellow blogger Raya Amari for our personal guided self-discovery prompts for the month of July.

1. What do I like about myself?

I like that I have an inner drive to persevere in some of the most uncomfortable situations. Even when I feel sad and unlike my true self, I always find ways to take that "next right step". 

I like that I am learning to hold space for myself and others in a healthy way. I am aware of when I am at my best and when I need to take a break and rest. 

I like that in the midst of concerns, I hold on to my faith in the "unseen". I truly believe life will eventually work out for my good. 

2. What parts of my life do I want to see a change in?

I'd like to see my passion and career merge to support my lifestyle better. This is something that I have been taking a closer look at over the past few months after coming out of a deep burnout season of nearly a year. 

I've put in the work to add more boundaries on my time. Increase my creative output on my ideas and tackle some very deep personal confidence issues. It's these little issues that work against me, and I'd like to see that change this year. 

3. What am I grateful for?

I am grateful for my overall health, my children, my close family. I know ultimately, they all have my back. I am grateful for the way I manage my home and lifestyle because it has allowed me to slow down and enjoy my life more. I have food to eat every day and a roof over my head. When I have moments of unexpected anxiety, I remember that all I need is to take care of today! One day at a time.

How did answering these first 3 questions go for you? Let me know in the comments, send a note from the contact below, or get on the email list to be notified when a new set of prompts are ready! 

We are all experiencing life in seasons and this week may not be the best for you or it may be going great. Take note of those moments too. They will be helpful insight into knowing yourself, which is what this is all about. 



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