Every week, I spend time looking for new resources and guided tips for practicing creativity and place those resources on the micro-blog @lalocreativity micro-blog. 

I'll be using a resource from My Beautiful Mess for our personal guided Fall inspired journal prompts this week. 

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Here are another set of 3 prompts chosen from the list!

1. Describe the perfect Fall evening.

Deep fall isn't right without a fireplace! Since I don't have one, I'll go for pumpkin spice lattes or hot chocolate. Add Gingerbread cookies and make the night a movie night. I can't forget the ongoing ambiance of smooth jazz playing in the background. 

2. Kickstart a Fall bucket list! What are 5 things you'd like to do this particular Fall?

  • Pick different shape and colored leaves and press into a journal.
  • Make my own apple cider recipe.
  • Create a cute menu list for Thanksgiving.
  • Watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with my kids.
  • Go to a pumpkin patch or apple picking farm.

3. Do you decorate for Halloween, why or why not?

I'm currently not a huge decorator for Halloween, but I do love Fall theme decor. I love all the variety of ways you can create pumpkin art. I keep it minimal. I may hang a wreath or other fall themed image on the door. Inside, I keep a year-round leaf garland I created out of paper and felt of different colors that hangs from the living room ceiling. It's an immediate festive feel when entering the home.

Next week, I'll select 3 more fall inspired prompts from the list. 

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