Creative Healing: How I am leading my own creative recovery!

I am all about progress, big or small and I am proud to have made some great progress after a short set-back recently.

From my last post a mirror, I have made some changes. I have stepped back from heavy virtual projects and have dived back into my creative spiritual journey through The Artist's Way. I recently experienced what is referred to as a "creative injury" where I allowed someone else to weigh in prematurely and from a place of inexperience on my journey in business and creativity.  Thankfully, I quickly navigated myself away from what could have been an ill-fated outcome. Who you allow to speak into your life, business, and future matters! It is O.K. to hear the small voice and pay attention to how you feel before moving forward with anything! 

So, as part of the recovery, I have been busy keeping a prayer journal or what I refer to as morning pages and reading on wisdom every week.  I have made connections with friends, and I have relied on my own intuition to guide my efforts. If anything, that particular experience threw me back on the path I needed to be on anyways. 

I have also worked on some prayer art in watercolor made a sweet potato pie from scratch (I think cooking will be my next healing art therapy). I have even taken myself on a few artist dates to play

Just a few days ago, I joined my "tribe" at a private annual conference to sing together. Just one more added recovery step to my journey. 

Living a Life of Creativity is about being thankful for what you have and using what you have to treat yourself well after a challenging experience!

On the subject of being thankful...

Thanksgiving is probably my most favorite Holiday. Right in the middle of Fall (which  has become my most favorite season). When I think back on my life, even the very hard times, Thanksgiving somehow was a Holiday that finds a way to bring me back to the present moment, focusing on what I do have versus what I don't.  It's a reminder and habit that we should embrace all year round. So, if I don't get to post again before the Holiday, I pray you have a peaceful Thanksgiving!

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