Here's What I'm NOT Worrying About in 2019

Collage by Nherie (Art Therapy)

It's almost 2019. It doesn't feel like a new year to me. It feels like a continuation of the plans I had already set in motion during much of 2018. I think, for me this is good. I am relieved of the feelings of stress and disappointment that can accompany so many this time of year, when we reflect back to the entire year and magnify all the areas where they may have fallen short and put too much pressure on themselves to fix those things in the coming year. It sounds noble to me, and it depends on what that thing is. 

But many times what we end up doing is discouraging ourselves by starting the year with things that the entire year has shown us are not our strengths! 

Nope, not for me anymore!

In 2018, I decided to stay consistent on the things that actually work for me and build up myself in those areas. The things I liked to do, I did just a little bit more than anything else.  Areas of weakness, I took a time out and only worked on things that I was good at and looked for ways and new ideas to create space for those things to expand. 

Sure, I did some research on the areas of struggle be it a business strategy or life skill, and made some notes on things I'd like to do differently but what I refused to do is get sucked into a black hole of all the things that went wrong or all the things I am not good at. This will kill creativity, productivity, and suffocate the things you are actually VERY good at, because you'll feel those things are not good enough!

We spend too much time worrying about our weaker areas in business and life. 

If a business needs better strategy, scale back, take time to do a little research or find someone who can mentor in that area. But don't forget nor stop doing all the the things that does work or the things that bring joy and some happiness to you. It does not mean your entire efforts on a project, in business or in your roles in life is a lost cause because something isn't going smoothly. 

I recall early Fall I put in motion a family home guide book for the family. I was serious about it and felt it would improve our home life and give it more order. Well, the problem is, the only person that truly valued it was me! Because I needed more structure I wanted to impose that "extra" orderliness on the family. 

I had to really think about this. The truth is, the family does have some structure and the children (and hubby) do know the things that we all agree are standard shared living expectations. For the stuff that falls through the cracks, if something needs to be done, I simply ask that they help! I think this is more important than me detailing out everything for everyone in a binder. The binder still exists. 

But better for me to live out the structure I need as an example than to beat myself up or the family about that binder. To be honest, I feel a bit more freed up mentally not having to reinforce that binder. 

The other thing I have learned is that because we are a blended family (more on this soon) with differing schedules, we have to be more flexible and creative about our home-life organization efforts. Having a few main structured ideas works better for us.

I can take all the "extra" and put it into my personal work efforts, business, and personal growth! 

Whatever your plans are for 2019, remember, you have control over your time and energy. Tune in more to the things you enjoy and the things you do well. Be consistent with those things first! The new ideas on how to manage the areas that are not your strengths will come to you with more clarity when you do!



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