What I'm Doing to Make Adjustments in This Season! Guilt Free!

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From my last post to this one, things have changed very dramatically in the world and most likely in your daily lives, mine included.

After several weeks of rearranging my week to include working from home, schooling at home and doing any and everything from home. I decided that I needed to implement some quick workarounds and make life even more simple.  This list will likely grow as time goes on, and I am completely open to it. Anything to help alleviate any potential extra stress through this season.

This list may sound cynical in some places but it really isn't.  It's my way of simplifying the simplified guilt free!

I've added a clutter bin near the living room area.  Being home more means more chances for things to get out of order and also means easier to become anxious when our space is becoming too cluttered with things that migrate to the living area. I keep a small bin near the staircase to quickly tidy up the living space of things that have accumulated. At the end of the week or when I feel up for it, I put the items away. But for now, it's all about immediate pick-ups to clear the space. 

Grocery shopping has been about quick easy meals. For now, I am not concerned about trying to cook large hearty meals. We are eating more breads and sandwiches these days, but I keep veggies and fruit trays (I cut them all up myself) in the house. This is a time where we are all easily prone to stress and it can and might affect our appetites. The more healthier options we have, and it's quick to grab, I at least know our in between meals and snack options are healthy. I have even kept protein mix in the house to make shakes with meals, which has been very helpful with staying full longer and giving more energy. 

I let my home command center be my home assistant. Now that school at home has been added to the list, it becomes one more thing to think about. I rely on my command center to help us with remembering grocery needs, chores and other things we may want to remember and make note of. Our brains have never before been more overloaded in this time. I'm using it though, to add more order at home and relieve us from having to rely on our memory.

I've lightened my makeup routine. Because I needed more good reasons to get up and get dressed in the mornings, I have made sure I kept my makeup routine to 5 mins or less.  This helps me feel put together immediately and saves time and energy for other things I want to do.

I've asked for more help.  Many people are taking financial hits with the current circumstances.  I've considered my losses and future losses and have reached out to local agencies for additional support.  I have also stayed open to help in the form of new ideas to keep my creative mind going while staying home, from freelancer friends, mentors and other people in my immediate circle. I also check in on friends more often since I cannot visit them right now and allow them to emotionally support me in these times as well.

Going to the gym right now is not an option.  When I created my vision board a few months ago, my plan was to hit the gym physically on Mondays and a few more times a week from home, then work my way up to more times at the gym. Now, I unroll my yoga mat and spend about an hour of time 2 days a week stretching and light weight lifting. Then I roll the mat up and move on. 

I drink more coffee now than I have my whole life. When it comes to coffee, I am a late bloomer. I was a social coffee drinker, only at a meet-up, or maybe 1 time a month. Lately, I have relied on at least 1-2 small cups a day. It really does help me get a little push in the early part of the day.  I strive not to drink at night right before I think I'm ready for bed. It's part of my routine, which I honestly feel is the main perk of me doing it. 

Social media and I have an appreciation for one another. It gives me an outlet to be creative and do new creative things but I keep boundaries on how much news I can handle in a day. I am following only a few reliable sources for news and following a higher number of creative pages and resources, instead.  

Not all work projects are worth my time and energy. I'm monitoring works projects and reevaluating anything that might take too much time to focus on in this season.  I am also allowing old and new clients room to abbreviate and renegotiate what they need so that I am only focusing on a few things at a time. I am thinking of my capacity first and money second. 

Netflix and Disney Plus are part of the daily routine.  I have spent years not watching much TV or series of any kind until now. I stay logged in because I am appreciating all the oldies and the new on these platforms. It also helps the day go by faster watching several episodes of a good series, and a movie almost every day 

Anything you'd like to add to this list that you are altering in this season? 



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