Do Life One Week at a Time

What does taking one week at a time look like
? When might you want to consider this approach?

Let's bring it a little close to home for a moment. I want to talk to those of you out there feeling the economic and systemic pressure that's created a ripple effect in how you would normally manage your household.  Your mind might be taking you down some of the worst-case scenarios of how you won't make it. 

This is normal. 

You worked hard to maintain, create stability and it feels like it is all slipping away. You may have lost a job, had to downsize your home, make major cuts in your budget, even if you were already living rather modestly. You may have even had to pause a business idea to reevaluate resources. Trust me, I am here right now! 

I don't always wake up feeling that I am going to make it either. Somehow, I wake up and realize that it's one more day to try again, work on my plan, work on my business ideas, make some money, pay that bill or take a break and regroup and try again tomorrow

You CAN give up trying to do it all, but don't give up on trying again, today!

Building healthy and stable families, businesses and staying mentally and emotionally well is much harder for many in our times right now. I think not enough of these kinds of posts are reaching people who need it the most. 

Here is a list of some real things that I am figuring out. You might find some part of your story in this list too. 

  • I lost 1/3 of my income last year from a sudden layoff from a part-time job.
  • I had to let go or release myself from other projects that were not moving forward, or agreements that could not be honored. 
  • Beginning of 2022, I lost more expected income. The savings account I had for emergency is gone. This created a gap in resources to launch a business idea to create additional income. 
  • I have 2 children, 2 different school zones, 2 different academic requirements and I am pushing hard to make sure my eldest graduates from high school after having a frustrating 2 years of academic decline, during and after the rise of the pandemic. Single parent life is harder now, in my opinion. 
  • It has become increasingly harder to access healthcare, event just to get a regular check-up or appointment, which prolongs getting minor injuries or other health related concerns addressed early. 
  • Buying food or making purchases of any kind requires a lot of rethinking and rebudgeting. Not everything on my budget makes it all the way to payment. 
  • Motivation comes in waves. If it weren't for the discipline in making sure I do creative things, at least, on a weekly basis, motivation most likely would not come at all. 

I'm sharing this because I want you to know that there is no shame here! Like many of you, I have done and still doing all the next right steps for me and my situation for the needs of my family. 

I'm taking one week at a time and in doing so, I focus on just a few things.

  • Most importantly, making sure my children and I feel safe at home.  Monitoring our emotional and mental health. Keeping my home environment free of chaos. 
  • Touching base with what's due in the upcoming week or two and focus on those things only. 
  • I put another seasonal idea into motion that connects to me creativity and some income while I regroup. 
  • I'm undergoing self-development and career pivot to maximize my work experience to make sure it closely aligns with my passion (a non-negotiable for me), while also considering other projects that can assist in that alignment.
  • When I can maintain energy, I put some time into connecting to national or community causes by offering my voice, support and educating myself on ways to create solutions.

Believe it or not, I've seen worse times. I've also seen better time. Give this a try, encourage yourself, just one week at a time. 

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