Here are this week's journal prompts and my personal journal answers. My hope is that through these exercises, we can get to know ourselves a little bit better.

Every week, I spend time looking for new resources and guided tips for practicing creativity and place those resources on the @lalocreativity micro-blog. I'll be using a resource from a fellow blogger Raya Amari for our personal guided self-discovery prompts for the month of July. To view previous week's journal prompts, go here.

7. Who am I inspired by? Why?

There isn't any one particular person that inspires me but rather a type of person that inspires me. I often gravitate towards people who have created and sustained a simple lifestyle, practice mindfulness, created their own way of living small business owners and those who promote holistic living practices. This group often have done the self-reflection work and have disciplined themselves to be able to teach and share in ways that resonate well with me. I am often reminded of my own purpose when I see others living out theirs. 

8. What is the most recent lesson I learned?

You can still have peace in the middle of a hard time. I believe peace is my natural state. It's when I let my mind create things like worry, anxiety and stress that gives me the discomfort feeling. The reasons for feeling unstable at times are valid, I no longer ignore my emotions. I use them as a way to practice awareness and be in the moment. Even when it's uncomfortable. When I feel at peace, I remind myself that this is really who I am. 

9. What do I hope to have accomplished in the next 1 year? What am I doing about it?

I would like to have accomplished a standard of living that remains independent through self-employment and fully owning and operating under my creative status and passion through writing, art making and creative or craft designing. This is what makes me get up in the morning ready for the day. I am practicing my art more often, craft designing and working on connections that will allow me to continue to curate and develop content. I believe, this is the "sweet spot" for me. 

How did answering these first 3 questions go for you? Let me know in the comments, send a note from the contact below, or get on the email list to be notified when a new set of prompts are ready! 


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