Farewell Summer 2022 (My Top Five Memories)


When I look back over this Summer, I realize how many worthwhile moments made it into this season. 

I didn't know how different life would be after the past 2 years of making the world make sense during the pandemic, that still looms over our days. 

I know some of us dealt heavily with burnout, still dealing with emotional traumas from the past few years or have gone through difficult transitions.

I said to myself, if I can find 5 things that were good memories for me this Summer, I know I can take this energy with me into the new fall.

Here are my top 5 Summer memories:

1- Not quite a summer memory, but still worth the mention. My son attending his first prom. 

2. Taking a much-needed vacation to Florida, planned by my siblings and myself. We were determined not to miss out on seeing each other. It's hard when you live apart. 


3. Committing to personal creative time monthly and inviting others to join. We all need like-minded folks to share out creative processes with.

4. Spending time in Erie, PA for a wedding. Catching the sunrise! #loveintheair

5. Walks with my daughter at our city park. One of our favorite places to swing by and be out in nature.   

@lalocreativity We actually had a good time. Bees, beetles butterflies and all. #naturewalk #momlife #livingalifeofcreativity ♬ Funny Song - Cavendish Music

The practice of naming things and putting it front and center reminds us that we have been present with these memories even while other parts of the season might have been difficult. 

What are some of your most cherished moments of your Summer 2022? You can write them in the comments below.


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    1. I appreciate you taking time to comment. I'll be happy to follow your journey 😊


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