Valentine's Day 2021 Ain't All That Bad


Photo by @howfarfromhome

As I am taking the day to reflect on all the things I am thankful for, which includes getting two days off ice off of my car so that I could make a store run, I wanted to share a few things about Valentine's Day this year that took me by surprise....and it's all good.

This is probably the most relaxed Valentine's Day I have had in several years. 

Around two years ago today, I made a huge decision that it was time move on from a severely broken marriage. I went to live with my mom for a few months to plan out all the things I needed to do next for myself and my two children. That February 2019, Valentine's Day was only a few weeks after the separation so naturally I wasn't feeling very loved or loving, for that matter.

Then something really sweet happened. My mother, had gone out that day and came back with some Valentine's Day goodies for me.  It was in that moment I remembered that love isn't just about romantic gestures between romantic partners, duh! Just like when children gift parents cards and candy, we accept those gifts as a sign of love from them.

This Valentine's Day, practice accepting all the ways life and people are showing you love and appreciation. Better yet, practice loving yourself more! I spent about an hour thawing my car and just to go to the store and get myself Valentine's Day candy to enjoy today. 

On the way to the store and on the way back I said a prayer thanking God for all the that I had. My health, my family and that all my needs are provided for. 

Valentine's Day is all that it needs to be for me today. 💗


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