Here are this week's journal prompts and my personal journal answers. My hope is that through these exercises, we can get to know ourselves a little bit better.

Every week, I spend time looking for new resources and guided tips for practicing creativity and place those resources on the @lalocreativity micro-blog. I'll be using a resource from a fellow blogger Raya Amari for our personal guided self-discovery prompts for the month of July. To view previous week's journal prompts, go here.

4. What are my deepest fears?

Some of my deepest fears are connected to being "left behind". This is an ongoing evolving question for me. I do know that one place this fear shows up is in my journey in my career. I have spent many years assisting and supporting others and other organizations in their work. When that work has come to an end, I often had to figure out how to take the experience and determine its value towards my personal development and what to do with it next. Sometimes, next involved me putting my own passion aside for a while. I understand that seasons like this can happen. I also know that I have resolved not to let too many of these kinds of seasons come and go. I enjoy helping others, I choose now to put that same effort into helping my own dreams and goals. 

5. Am I happy with where I live? Why?

I have mixed feeling about this question. I am very happy where live in the context of how everything is very close by and that makes doing routine life much simpler. It's the why and how I ended up here part of the story that isn't a happy one for me. I'm happy I was able to make things work here. I'm in a new season where I have outgrown how I continue to make it here, having had time to get stable and figuring that part out at this time. 

6. Am I happy doing what I am currently doing?

Recently, I have changed how I work, who I work with and how I represent my work. I can say, I am much happier where I am now. The challenge is in the waiting for all the efforts to manifest itself in my favor. It's another leap and faith walk for sure!

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