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Uncover And Manage Emotional Stress

  Questions you can ask yourself to  uncover and manage emotional stress. 1. Do I need to redefine, limit, or end a relationship connection? Survey your current relationships and make decisions about whether you need to redefine the relationship with boundaries, limit the relationship connection by giving more space in time from interaction or end the connection altogether. Not having healthier connections in relationships can weigh very heavy on our emotions. |  Action Tip :  Write down all the interactions you have on a day-to-day basis, then ask, do I feel a sense of safety in this relationship?     2. Does my home environment encourage rest, inspiration, and creativity? Take a look around your home and determine what you could add or do differently to create a calmer atmosphere. If you have a shared space living or dual functional spaces, create an upkeep system that keeps things in its place often so that you don’t become overwhelmed. | Action Tip : Add a declutter bin

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