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Connecting Creatively with Activism

  Sometimes our best way forward through creativity is also connected to the work concerning the issues of the community.  When we take any kind of action towards helping situation getting better, our creativity is simultaneously unleashed .  This is why you will see a lot more topics here that connect creativity to everyday life and concerns. Art has long been linked to social change . Artist have also been linked to empathy . It's no wonder that the state of the nation, community or world can have a huge effect, whether positive or negatively on creativity! In times that I have felt a creative struggle, I can point some of it back to a social injustice that has consumed my attention, and for good reasons. To stay grounded creatively, we need tangible ways to engage with this struggle in order to free ourselves from its weight, so that we have space in our being to create. Without debating all the reasons why these areas are my most common themes for social justice, here are the 4

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