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Go-To Routine That Grounds Me Emotionally

  Maintaining routines also require adjustments when you are enduring emotional stressors. I am currently in an ongoing emotional stressed season. It is critical that I listen to my body for cues when I am overwhelmed, overstimulated, frustrated, angry or feeling drained.  This routine is driven by patience, gentleness and grace , as the tendency to be hard on myself for not “feeling” productive “enough” can be a self-sabotaging habit that I am currently healing from.  My Go-To Grounding Routine.  Get dressed and cozy in the morning. A lthough most of my work is from home, I personally like to get dressed for the day. In particular, when I don’t feel well, the natural inclination is to lay in bed longer, however the longer I lay in bed the worse I feel. When I get up and get dressed, clean face, decide on makeup or none at all, I immediately feel a sense of accomplishment. This gives me that extra grace to continue on with the rest of my routine.  Spray my favorite perfume. I pamper my

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