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Prep Yourself for Creativity!

  Photo by  Skylar Kang . Photography ( Here are ways to help your creativity along so that you are prepared for your unique creative journey.  Have ideas ready for your creativity.  You don't need an overabundance of resources to fuel your creativity. Find 2-3 apps or websites or follow  a few accounts that you can refer to often for inspiration. If you have apps on your phone, take time to organize them so that your creative inspiration is the first thing you see. I've gathered ideas here that you can search though.  Create and maintain a morning routine . A morning routine by far, is the best way to create consistency. Even if the rest of your day gets chaotic, if you can maintain the morning routine you can tackle the rest of your day much better. Include some creativity in that morning routine like a journal prompt writing or looking for new creative resources that you can add to your creative list.  Capture creative ideas in the moment. Don't let these idea

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