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7 Ways You Can Get Ahead of Holiday Stress

1 - Reconsider the start of your new year.  Two years ago, I switched my new year start to March 1st. I did it to eliminate the pressure associated with traditional new year resolutions and all the other pressures that come along with the official new year. While others might be scrambling to make goals happen by January 1st, I've claimed to be one less person putting anxious vibes out into the world.  | Also read:  Simplify Your New Year Goals 2 - Be very selective about invitations.  You don't have to say yes to every event. Only say yes to invites that you feel will energize you, or where you will be around people you actually like. You can always limit your time at an event and stick to your plan to leave when you feel you have reached a cap on your energy and what you want to put out in a social environment.  3 - Pick one area of your home and organize it.  This year, I chose my pantry. I was tired of wasting food and not catching expired dates before getting it out to the

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