Happy Halloween! No Tricks Only Creativity!


Photo & Collage by Nherie Tellado livingalifeofcreativity.com

Happy Halloween! 

Fall is my favorite season and creativity this season has been high!

You can view some of my creative highlight moments here:

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Feel Good Collage

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Warm Apple Cider

Fall Ornament Night Light

Art Therapy Inspiration

Fluffy Pillow Craft

Koala Sketch

At the beginning of 2021, I decided to create a manifestation box to aid in my creative practices and also assist in defining my artistic vocation. Doing this along with journaling, I have been able to make a breakthrough in my creative recovery and journey.

Quick tips about what my manifestation box is and isn't


It ISN'T a supernatural "woo woo" box. 

I don't hold my box accountable to making things happen on its own. Whatever idea I put into it, I match an action to it, even if it's a small one. At the same time, I don't stress about how it will all unfold either. I do instead hold positive thoughts about it, and move on with life.

It IS a co-creator aid to the visions I have about how I want to live my life.

I do have a vision board, I use a journal and I practice art projects regularly. I pray and stay connected with other people and projects that fuel more creativity. The manifestation box reminds me to look for things in the present that show me how to appreciate the life I already have, even in the pursuit of something more. I believe, this is what makes this idea work. 

A few neat things that have transpired this year that have been ideas dropped into the box:

Travelling outside my city, and comfort zone. 

Getting to be a model as part of a cool and large art project.

Having the opportunity to facilitate creative mindful art expression.

If you'd like to learn more about the manifestation box process, leave a comment below! 

I am looking to host another set of creative classes that may be offered virtual and in-person to cover this subject and other visual art expression.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!



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