Here are this week's last set journal prompts for the month of July. My hope is that through these exercises, we can get to know ourselves a little bit better.

Every week, I spend time looking for new resources and guided tips for practicing creativity and place those resources on the @lalocreativity micro-blog. I'll be using a resource from a fellow blogger Raya Amari for our personal guided self-discovery prompts for the month of July. To view previous week's journal prompts, go here.

10. What do I believe in?

I believe in humanity. I believe that empathy, kindness and healthy boundaries are needed to build relationships well. I believe in the concept of sowing and reaping as an individual and as a collective human race. I believe humanity as a whole, desires happiness and wholeness but doesn't know how to get there. I believe as people began sharing their authentic selves, we'll be able to solve our problems in this world and we'll see the collective change we need.

11. What worries me most about the future?

Scarcity. Resources running out by waste, mismanagement and even well-intentioned opportunities that don't pan out the way I planned. There are other concerns about climate change, mental health crisis and how racism may still play out its consequences on future generations. 

12. If today was the last day of my life, what would I do differently?

I would do today exactly as I am doing now, journaling, writing and creating things. I don't have the urgency to be anywhere else but here where I am right now. Learning to take each day as it comes. I do not hold the keys to tomorrow. If and when it comes, it's one more day to live, learn to love well and create. 

This concludes this month's Self-Discovery Journal Prompts and I appreciate you taking this journey this month to kick-start or deepen your self-discovery through reflection or journal writing. 

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